Updated: November, 2023

Palette Support & Professional Services

Project Tasks Included in Support Professional Services *
Assisting on understanding the Documentation ✔️
Troubleshooting bugs on platform or in plans ✔️
Training on new features ✔️
Account and billing inquiries ✔️
Error reporting and feedback ✔️
Palette team updating commissions & payout rules ✔️
Palette team updating quotas ✔️
Palette team adding new plans through a new implementation ✔️
Palette team training new admins to Palette ✔️
Support on commission amounts ✔️
Account optimization by Palette team ✔️
Palette team onboarding or offboarding reps ✔️
Product Training ** ✔️

Normal Support Hours - standard business hours excluding holidays

Our support team works standard business hours (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM) Monday - Friday and are spread globally throughout EMEA (CET) and the Americas (EST). We will endeavor to match you with a support agent in the same time zone as you when possible.

* Professional Services

Professional Services
Price per hour $150
Recurring Professional Services (expires EOM)
Monthly Professional Services Price Discount
2 hours $270.00 10%
5 hours $675.00 10%
10 hours $1,200.00 20%
20 hours $2,100.00 30%

Professional Services will be billed on a monthly basis.

**** Product training**

We'll help train your team on how to effectively use the Application, for example:

Conducting or recording a 1h workshop with your sales team to help them better understand Palette’s dashboards for payees, and how they can manage their compensation plans in Palette. The workshop is done using Palette’s demo account and mock data.

Admin training: in case of handover, we'll organize up to 3 one-hour workshops per year, to help train the new admins responsible for the administration of Palette, ensuring a smooth transition.

Product training is delivered online using web conferencing tools.

Please contact Sales or Support team for more information or to purchase a Professsional Service package


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